NastPad is a general purpose text editor with additional features tailored specifically for working with Nastran files.

NastPad nastran text editor syntax highlighting quick reference guide

Nastran is a finite element analysis program developed by NASA in the 1960’s. It paved the way for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and is still used extensively today. Its archaic input and output files have persisted over the years and have even been mimicked by other solvers like Optistruct.

Nowadays generating Nastran text input files is largely managed by fast computers sporting 3D graphics and fancy CAE software, yet often the humble text editor is still required to read and manipulate these files. This is where NastPad steps in, providing not just general text editing capabilities found in any decent text editor, but many additional features that can be used to debug/modify FE models and extract results without the use of aforementioned CAE software.

So whether you are a student learning Nastran, or an engineer charged with maintaining a large vehicle FEM, check out all the features and download today.