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      This suggestion originally came from marco’s post

      when user write in first 8 fields propose a possible completion of card

      It is quite common these days to see auto-completers in code editors and spreadsheet programs. This suggestion has been considered previously but is not a high priority. There are two approaches that were considered and can be discussed by replying to this topic. Both approaches look at auto-completing individual fields, rather than entire cards. For example, if editing the card name, an auto-completer of available card names would be displayed. If editing the property ID, an auto-completer of available property IDs would be displayed, etc. Of course the IDs would only be available after cross-referencing the model, which is not an active feature to date (v0.2.1).
      The auto-completers could be shown two ways:
      1. Within the text editor itself
      2. Within a separate table view

      The first option may be difficult to implement, and the second option provides the flexibility to copy and paste data from other spreadsheet programs. However, it may end up being easy to implement it both ways and give the user the best of both world. But again, it is not currently a high priority.

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