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    First of all, great work so far on this software. I rarely need to dive in to dat files but this will definitely replace Notepad++ for that purpose. The Card Helper is a great idea.

    My main use for this editor will be reading f04 and f06 files. It would be great to make those files easily navigable by coloring syntax similar to the dat files.

    I’d also like to see some method of auto-jumping through the files. Maybe a tree on the left where there is a one-button click to jump to OLOAD, SPCFORCE, EIGENVALUE SUMMARY, MODAL MASS, etc.

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    Thank you for your positive feedback!
    Yes result file support is non-existent at the moment, but there are plans to do the sort of things you suggest. One of the main issues is that result files can be extremely large and NastPad currently reads entire files into memory (which causes it to crash when memory runs out). It is planned to allow large file support via a buffered stream approach, but it is a fairly significant effort on the back-end. If there is enough interest we can prioritize a results file front-end before the back-end large-file support, and simply provide it with a caveat.

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