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      The CSV file format used for profiles in the Contents Viewer is a simple format similar to the CSV files used for Batch Searching. The format is:

      "Find what", "Label", Color


      Find what – contains the search expression where each match from the search expression will correspond to an item in the contents list. Note that the search expression is treated as a regular expression, so any special characters will need to be escaped (with a ‘\’) if needed.
      Label – is the text to display in the contents list. This is treated as a replace expression and so can use back-references to display matched text.
      Color – [optional] is the color to apply to the label text in the contents list. This can be a standard web keyword as described here, or a hex/dec #RGB format string (e.g. “#FF0000” or “#255000000” will represent the color red).

      For example, this entry will find FATAL messages in the F06 and display a red colored label with the message ID in the Contents Viewer:

      "FATAL MESSAGE (.*)", "FATAL [\1]", red

      Note: the use of quotes around the Find what and Label expressions is optional, but strongly encouraged and required for multiline expressions and expressions containing quotes. Also, quotes appearing within an expression need to be represented with a double-quote “”.

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