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      Realizing the results file support isn’t the main focus of NastPad, it could be a great tool for that task. I’ll second the request that it auto-tag the starting points of each section and add a request for a different font setting for results files since they are based on 140 character wide pages. I’ll further add a request to remove the page breaks, headers and footers either to just hide them or delete them from the file.

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      Hi Gearz, thanks for the feedback!
      A new feature is currently in work and will be included in the next beta release. It assists viewing of results files by generating a list of contents that is displayed in a separate dock window. Clicking on an item will jump to that location in the file. The way the contents list is generated uses a similar approach to batch searching, and can be customized however you like. Repeated headers will be grouped together in the list.
      As for the font, are you suggesting a font that is narrower so you can fit 140 characters in a smaller screen width? If so, does the zoom feature not satisfy you? Currently NastPad only supports monospaced fonts, of which the selection on Windows is pretty much limited to Courier New.
      Currently there is no plan to hide headers and footers. Instead try including LINE = 9999999 or LINES = 9999999 in the Case Control section. This will prevent repeated headers in the f06. There may also be some basic f06 reader capability in future to assists data extraction.

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