Beta 0.2.3 released

A new beta release is now available for download.

What’s new:

  • Batch Searching tool that allows find/replace of multiple search expression across multiple files. Includes ability to import/export list of search expressions to CSV files. See the Regular Expressions forum for ideas.
  • Improved search performance (faster searching with less memory).
  • Added read-only file mode to prevent inadvertent changes to files (this is now the default mode for Nastran result files). Manually activate it from the status bar or the newly added file tab context menu.
  • Added ‘Process files’ tool to generate batch files that can be saved or executed directly in command prompt.
  • Added ‘dark’ theme (activate it the options).
  • Fixed warnings not showing for syntax checking.
  • Fixed issue with opening files from explorer that contain spaces in file names.

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